Recruiting for Startups by Startuppers

Feedel Hires is an expert recruiter dedicated to early-stage business, start-up and scale-up.

Talent Attraction: the real challenge of young startups

One of the most important decision for a startup is who to add to your team. These hires can drive the future of your business to success or be costly a mistake.

Why Us?

Startuppers hiring Startuppers

Having been on both sides, we know what it takes. Unlike traditional recruiters, we are first and foremost startuppers: we speak startups language and understand what profile is better suited to your needs.

Committed to success

Unlike other recruiters we only charge a success fee when we are successful in bringing you the right hire, no fixed or kick-off fees.

Rich Network of Talent

Thanks to our partnership with our startup studio Feedel Ventures, we have access to a rich network of startup-minded candidates looking for challenging opportunities.

Expert Advisors

Our advisors are specialists in a great variety of fields whom we utilize and take great care in vetting the candidates with the best skillset suited for your startup.

Our values

Our process

We discuss and help you pivoting your requirements and validate them before starting the research: that’s our unique angle.

We use our expert knowledge base and talent network to assess the proper candidates.

We know startups and the people required to keep your business running in the early stages, we will filter the right candidates from the beginning.

After the filtered candidates have met the qualifications required, we screen them and bring the best talent to you. With the ease of mind that they will potentially be the right fit.

Our clients